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For over 30 years, private individuals, legal counsel, mortgage lenders and the courts, have relied on Halladay Appraisal Services Ltd. to provide high-quality appraisals on a wide variety of homes and properties containing up to 4 dwelling units, in Winnipeg and the surrounding area. By continuously keeping up with local market trends, and refreshing our knowledge regarding valuation techniques through numerous official sources, we've been consistently able to generate reliable, detailed appraisals for our clients.

COVID-19  Updated  May 12, 2020

We've implemented new protocols regarding interior site-visits. In most cases, an interior inspection can still be completed however, we ask that all interior doors to rooms and closets be open and that all lights are turned on throughout the home, prior to our arrival. We respectfully ask that all occupants remain in a separate area of the building than the appraiser and that you maintain a physical distance of at least two metres while we are in your home. This will ensure that there is limited contact of surfaces by the appraiser and that we are respecting all Public Health Authority directives. Our inspections may appear to be brief, but rest assured we are efficiently collecting all the information required. If you wish to provide information about your property to the appraiser before or after the inspection, we encourage you to do so. Additional information for the public, may be found at www.aicanada.ca. 

Please be assured that we can verify that we do not currently exhibit symptoms of COVID-19, we have not traveled outside of the immediate geographic area of 100 kms from Winnipeg within the past 30 days and to the best of our knowledge, we have not been in contact with anyone who displays symptoms of COVID-19.